08_posterimage-smI attended to the SALEM ART FAIR (2008). Connie & I traded Haylie watching as we walked around. We visited the children section of the fair, which had arts and crafts for kids.

We made two buttons, put together a water bottle with food coloring & sea shells, and made a card for baby (unborn at this time).  We also got a balloon for Haylie, that accidentally sailed away.  It was a minor catastrophe with Haylie because it was a pink balloon, but she stopped crying shortly after the incident by distracting her.  I had fun talking to the various artists, asking about their techniques.

I chatted with one of my favorite local artists, JANE AUKSHUNAS.  I like her style and use of colors & medium (pastels).  From over hearing the comments from others at the art fair, it seems like her art is well accepted by the general public.  Right before I bought a print, someone purchased two large originals, so it was fun to see the exchange between artist & buyer.

The buyer walked into the tent, looked around for roughly one minute and said, “We’ve seen enough. We’ll take the two large ones.” (Together they totaled $3,500!).  They claimed to have a lot of space to hang art, and I’m guessing a lot of money to spare too!  Some other artists I got to meet were: Liz Collins, Shari Lord, and Scott Jeffs. Connie was ravenous at that point, so she got burritos and lemonade to share with Haylie.