Custom Drawings

I offer customized pastel drawings!  How does this work and what does this entail?


Below are the traditional sizes I work with, but can also make the drawings fit into customized sizes such as panoramas (e.g. 3’x2′ or 3’x1′).  The total cost includes the matting and frame.

  • 5×5 picture (includes 8×8 frame & double mat) = Total cost $50
  • 5×7 picture (includes 8×10 frame & double mat) = Total cost $60
  • 5×7 picture (includes 11×14 frame & double mat) = Total cost $60
  • 8×10 picture (includes 11×14 frame & double mat) = Total cost $80
  • 10×13 picture (includes 14×18 frame & double mat) = Total cost $100
  • Two 5×7 pictures (includes 10×20 frame with double mat) = Total cost $100
  • 11×14 picture (includes 16×20 frame & double mat) = Total cost $150
  • 13×18 picture (includes 19.5×25.5 frame & single mat) = Total cost $200


I use a variety of paper when working with pastels, but my favorite is a standard white paper by Strathmore.  Specifically, I like to use the acid-free 400 series with medium grade which provides enough “tooth” or roughness to the paper to hold the chalk pastel.

If a picture is predominantly a certain color, say a beach scene with mostly green-blue sea and blue sky, I may select a bluish paper to accent the blue theme or perhaps a sandy brown color to “bring out” the sand in the foreground.

I also like to use light-colored paper because it tends to make the colors more vibrant.  I have been known to use dark-colored paper occasionally for still life drawings (e.g. plants in a vase, or fruit in a bowl).  However, I generally stay away from dark-colored paper because it tends to make pictures dull.  Pictures are lightly sprayed with non-acidic spray fixative to provide a protective layer for the chalks.


All of my pictures come framed with white mats, unless you specifically request for your picture to come without a frame, or if you already have a frame & mat in mind for your picture.  Except for customized size which requires a unique mat and frame, I include the frame and matting in the original price that I quote to you.

I tend to use Michael’s Gallery Frames with Dual-float Mats. These frames have two mats: one that sets against the picture, and the other spaced roughly a quarter of an inch away.  The gap between the two mats allow any loose pastel chalk to fall between the two mats and avoid any undesirable chalk deposits from falling on the mats.

I also include the frame and mat because I like to fit the final picture into the frame myself and make any last adjustments if needed.  Often I use the sides to test colors, so when you receive the final matted and framed product you don’t see these ugly marks! Finally, I use brown paper as backing for the picture frame to give it that professional touch.

11"x14" Picture and 16"x20" double-matted frame (Dual Floating Mats).


I like to work off of pictures and photos while drawing with pastel chalk.  So the first thing I need is an image from you.  The larger or higher definition the picture, the better quality I have to work from; I print the image on either an 8 1/2″ by 11″ sheet or 4″ by 6″ sheet of glossy photo paper.  It is best to have the image trimmed and cropped to how you want the picture to look.  However, you may also allow me to select the portion of picture for you.

I may also suggest cropping the image if I see more potential by focusing on a certain section of a photo.  In case of any modifications to the picture, I will email you a final version of the picture before drawing. Once I get your approval, I will begin drawing.


I primarily work with nature scenes and still-life images (people are sometimes included in the distance), but I do occasional produce portfolio pictures of people.  Am I willing to draw portfolios of people?  Yes!  While I can draw people very well, I tend to prefer to draw scenes from nature a little more.  That said, I enjoy whatever I am currently working on! ***Note: I’m not responsible for obtaining copyright of you provide a postcards or picture of a magazine image.  I leave this responsibility to you; you can leave the art work to me!


The turn around time usually takes about 2-3 months to complete a picture, depending on the size of the picture you want, and other works I have in progress.


I like to hand-deliver the final work when possible.  Chalk pastels can be fragile even after spraying them with acid-free spray fixative.  For long distance shipping (one hour drive outside of Salem, Oregon), pictures are rolled into cylinder tubes and packaged for minimal movement and low impact.  The frame will be shipped in a separate container and packed carefully.

Over time, if the pictures travel too much, tiny specks of pastel may come off of the picture and fall down between the glass and the mat. This is why I like to use floating mats, so that any loose specks can fall between the mats without harm.

The pastel chalk specks can be annoying, but it won’t hurt the picture itself.  You can always remove the pastel picture from the frame, wipe the glass clean with glass cleaner (e.g. individual glass cleaner wipes don’t shed paper pieces and they do a great job of cleaning opposed to a paper towel), and use a soft art eraser or kneaded eraser to clean the mat.  Regular pencil erasers tend to leave streaks on the mat, so avoid using them.


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