For a long time, I’ve waffled back and forth about creating a new blog to explore my personal artistic & literary interests.  It begins today, May 19, 2010!  It makes me both exciting and nervous at the same time.  While I run another Word Press blog called Library Shop Talk, I have never posted anything so personal.  My work blog highlights all the fun things that take place in library land and the world of information.  If you think that libraries are dull and static places, you are sadly mistaken.  You have no idea what really happens behind the doors of libraries!

This blog is my attempt to branch out, explore, and grow my creative skills and knowledge.  It will be a way for me to show case some of my art work, and early literacy writing skills.  Perhaps those who visit this site will find something they like or learn something new.  Perhaps it will even spawn inspiration in others to try something new and different!

At some point in my life, I hope write a book.  Actually, I hope to write several books, along with everyone else in the world.  I also strive to become a well-known artist, locally anyway.  So who knows what kind of books or creative works will come forth through this blog?

I’m anticipating a fascinating journey, so I hope you will enjoy the ride with me.   Now hold on!

John Repplinger